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We are dedicated to improving our patients’ lives by providing care and support through the recovery process, leading to a better quality of life for themselves, their families, and their communities as a whole.

Addiction Treatment

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At Recovery Concepts LLC, we are here to ultimately lead you out of Opiate dependence with medication-assisted treatment (MAT). We refill your life with the hope, determination, and discipline it takes to live well. You will feel understood while you are here. With us, you will develop the confidence to achieve complete de-addiction.
We lead you to a whole new direction of healing from drug dependence. You will eventually rejoice the experience of complete well being by making use of all the help we have to provide you with.


Recovery from Opiate Addiction

“Our safe, well-monitored, medication-assisted recovery for opiate addiction will help you safely transit through withdrawal symptoms. You will be getting professional grade recovery monitoring throughout the treatment period.”


Medical Assistance

“We provide medications as a part of the therapeutic process to help with the withdrawal symptoms.We would like to reinstate that these medications are meant for maintenance treatment.They are not in any way meant to substitute Heroin or Opioid.”


Customized Psychotherapy

“ We provide customized psychotherapy to help with the unique addiction patterns of individuals. This forms the foundational basis to help patients achieve sustained sobriety. ”


Customized Treatment Modules

“Our treatment modules are customized to suit the needs of individual patients. With us, you will be able to overcome your craving for illicit drugs. We will successfully get you out of your addiction.You will have better control of your life, and the priority events that are far important than a temporary “euphoria”.”


Social Intervention

“ We actively involve the patient in the recovery process by putting them through time-tested social interactions to achieve wholesome recovery and healing from the addiction process. ”


Addiction Counseling

“We provide our patients with group education and addiction counseling.We mostly make use of buprenorphine and methadone to help with opiate dependence.We are available for help 24 x 7.”

What Should I Expect Being At Recovery Concepts LLC for the First Time?

You should expect to be put through an initial assessment process with the substance abuse counselor and nurse.

You will then further be sent to a physician for assessment of your dependence symptoms.

A customized plan of action will be scheduled to help you through the recovery in a way to suit your addiction patterns.

As a part of the recovery program, you will receive individual and/or group counseling at our facility.

You will be put through a customized medication assisted therapy for your individual addiction pattern.

You may participate in an individual/family education group as a part of the recovery program.

Sufficient education will be provided to help you with the prevention of relapse by incorporating specific life and social skills that will empower you to say “No” to temptation.

You will be maintained on medication as directed by our physician, with adequate supervision to assist with probable withdrawal symptoms.

The dosages for the medication would be modified to suit individual need and progress, as directed by the physician.

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Why Choose Us

  • An initial assessment with a substance abuse counselor,
  • Consultation with a physician,
  • Broup counseling and individual therapy and family education groups
  • Relapse prevention and life skills education and development,
  • Medication maintenance or medically supervised withdrawal services available based on patient’s individual need and progress.

Client Testimonials

Liam Dineen

"This place has been a life saver. You have saved my life."
“This place has been a life saver. You have saved my life.”

Michael D’Souza

"Thank you. I got my life back."
“Thank you. I got my life back.”

Liam Dineen

"Keep doing the good job that you all do. Glad you are here"
“Keep doing the good job that you all do. Glad you are here”

John Britto

" I really like the counseling. I can talk to any counselor. Someone is always here for me to talk to."
” I really like the counseling. I can talk to any counselor. Someone is always here for me to talk to.”