Different Ways to Get Rid of Methadone Addiction!

How methadone works in the brain and body is pretty similar to how drugs work in the brain and body. Hence, depending on the dose and frequency of the drug, methadone can be addictive.

Methadone addiction treatment

A Blessing and A Curse

The basic fact about methadone is that it is both the blessing and the curse as well. The use of methadone has always been controversial as the experts see it as a very effective treatment to overcome drug dependence but at the same time it can also cause the addiction. To make a safe use of methadone, you are strictly advised to take it under medical supervision so that you may not get addicted to it. However, if you still develop dependence to it, instead of getting panic and continuing its use, seek the medical assistance at once to get rid of the problem. The earlier you seek the Methadone Addiction help, the better it is.

7 Resources for Methadone addiction treatment

Following is a list of suggested starting points where you can find treatment for methadone addiction.

  1. Inpatient Rehab facility An inpatient addiction treatment facility is a place where an addict can check into and stay for the duration until he gets rid of the problem. In an inpatient treatment center, all aspects of an addict’s life are covered. Other than medications and psychotherapy, diet, exercise and occupational therapy are also included in the treatment programs of such centers.
  2. Detox clinic – Detox clinics can be both inpatient center and outpatient center. An inpatient clinic works in the way mentioned above and an outpatient facility works to monitor dosage and progress of recovery while the user may continue to live an otherwise normal life –going to school or office, living with family and meeting with friends. Therefore, an outpatient detox clinic can be easily accessible from the home.
  3. Health Professionals Specialized In Methadone Treatment – Since methadone is itself a treatment of addiction, overcoming its dependency is not be so complex. You can quit its use by getting the needed advice and help from an experienced health professional who carries the core competence in providing methadone addiction treatment.
  4. Methadone Addiction Support Groups – If your condition is not so severe, you can even think of locating a group within your local community who could offer support. Online forums can also be proven supportive in this regard and help an addict to live a normal life.
  5. Licensed Social Workers – Licensed social workers are the people who are very competent at facilitating rehabilitation to methadone addicts. You can seek such help also.
  6. Family Physician – Your family doctor knows about your medical history well. Hence, a good first point of contact can be your family doctor who can offer you valuable guidance on treating the addiction provided that your condition is not terribly bad.
  7. A Trusted Spiritual Leader – An addict can feel rudderless, lacking purpose of life. In such cases, seeking the spiritual guidance can help a lot to pave the way for you. The spiritual leaders can help in gaining perspective and hope for life.

Seek for the right Methadone addiction treatment now!