Oxycontin Treatment: A Way for Getting Back On the Track of Meaningful Life

Oxycontin Drug abuse is one of the major causes of depression and detachment from loved ones and society. This drug is also referred to as Oxycotton, Oxy, OC and Hillbilly Heroin. Unfortunately, many people come into the contact of this drug by various means like pressure from peers and drug abuser relatives. Another reason is when someone is undergoing treatment of serious health issue which involves severe pain then doctor prescribes pain reliever drugs. Sadly, some people become an addict of these drugs and face drastic impacts caused by the drugs. So, it is important to understand that why these drugs are abused, their symptoms and what precautions should be taken for oxycontin treatment. So let’s take a tour to efficiently tackle the problem of oxycontin drug abuse.

Oxycontin Addiction

Why has Oxycontin drug become the most common drug for abuse?

If oxycontin drug is taken orally as prescribed by the doctor, it slowly dissolves into the bloodstream for over twelve hour period which is also referred to as time releasing nature. On the contrary, if this drug is taken in another way like chewing, crushing, snorting or injecting, the time to release nature is override and it shows its immediate effect by flooding the brain. Thereafter, it causes special neuroreceptors to generate the intense euphoric state. When taken in the wrong manner, this drug produces the effects similar to heroin or opium. The abuse of this drug negatively impacts the emotional and physical health of a person in many ways.

Symptoms and Effects of Oxycontin Addiction

Whenever a patient is ingesting oxycontin drug for pain relief, if he/she shows interest in increasing frequency of dose or wants to continue the treatment even after successful pain management, it is a sure sign of addiction. Fake prescriptions and doctor shopping are other acts which point towards the addition of drug.

In relation to health, there are a number of symptoms like confusion, weakness, fatigue, apathy, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, excessive sweating, slow breathing, headaches, itching, dry mouth, dilated pupils, etc. All these symptoms indicate that a person is suffering from the addiction to oxycontin. Moreover, if this drug is overdosed by someone, it can also cause brain damage or depress the respiratory system. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take the oxycontin treatment to safely remove the addiction.

Intolerant People for Oxycontin

For obtaining oxycontin medication, it is always necessary to check if the person is tolerant of opiate or not. Pregnant women are unsafe for oxycontin medication as these drugs can be a life threat to the unborn baby. Some people are allergic to oxycontin and can suffer from asthma, intestinal and stomach problems. So, before taking oxycontin medication, it is necessary to consult the doctor about tolerance your level.

People suffering from head injury, organ problems like pancreas and gallbladder and urination problems should never be prescribed for oxycontin. Therefore, it must be taken care of that the patient should not be suffering from such problems and should not have any drug abuse history.

Suggestions before Considering Oxycontin Treatment

Some suggestions are provided here which one should keep in mind before going for Oxycontin Treatment:

  • This treatment should be taken under the supervision of professionals. As it is a highly addictive drug, it is important to have absolute recovery otherwise the urge to take the drug will return after some time.
  • Many patients also suffer from extreme withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, tremors, seizure, etc. Therefore, it becomes necessary to properly deal and prepare the patient to avoid any relapse.
  • The people undergoing oxycontin treatment should not consume grape juice. Consumption of grape juice can lead to many adverse effects.
  • Apart from this, alcohol must be avoided during the addiction treatment.

Don’t let any drug take control of your life. If you, your friend or relative are addicted to oxycontin, you should contact the rehabilitation center.  If you can’t find any or you are new in the area, just search out Oxycontin treatment near me on the internet, a number of results will be displayed. To find the reliable one from many, carefully check the ratings and reviews and then select. By getting a proper and complete treatment, detox yourself from the effects of drug abuse and live your life with peace and love.