Best Treatment to Get Over Drug Addiction and Its Withdrawal Symptoms

Millions of people in America are addicted to either prescription drugs such as painkillers, recreational form of opium or other opium based drugs such as heroine. The number of drug abusers is growing with time as the users are spreading it. Abusing drugs is proven to be hazard to health and can make any individual’s mind unstable. People often start with small dosage which later leads to the heavy and irresistible addiction. The basic and main causes of drug addiction could be loneliness, depression and state of trauma due to personal loss. It very difficult to get away from such addictions. Especially if you live in a home with disturbed environment and you haven’t any close friends.

When any drug addicts try to go against their habit of abuse to lower down or stop their dependence on drugs, they go through an extremely challenging and painful phase of detoxification. During this journey of getting self control, they face various withdrawal symptoms such as immense body pain, vomiting, nausea, restlessness, sleeplessness, disturbed eating habits and many more. To walk this difficult path, every addict needs counseling and better advice time to time. Here comes the role of rehabilitation centers, de-addiction and recovery programs.

Opiate Addiction Treatment

One can find the best treatment for drug addiction in such rehabilitation centers. Since decades, methadone is considered as the best treatment for drug addiction treatment in most of the rehabs in America. It is known as an alternative therapy that lets an individual fight effectively against the craving for drugs. It is the safest treatment if performed under supervision of specialists. The dosage of methadone depends on the addict’s dependence on drugs. The main motive of this therapy is to make the addicts get back to their normal life. The treatment programs consist of providing the addict with proper care and dosage, timely counseling and educational assistance.

If we talk about the people who are habitual to take the most addictive drug in the world – Heroin, they crave for it so strongly that they could barely stop themselves to take it being aware about the consequences of heroin use, even after detoxification. Such people get relapsed to the same addiction again. There are people who experience a series of relapse during their de-addiction program.

It has been proven in many cases that methadone helped such people to skip relapse. Methadone works same as an active opioid and stimulates the same opioid receptors in the brain that prescription painkillers and heroin does. Now, using methadone as a regular part of a de-addiction or recovery program, the patients would not feel that much cravings for heroin and would not experience the other extreme symptoms of withdrawal.

Getting over addiction is the biggest and wisest step any drug addict could ever take. However, choosing any recovery program is a personal choice and should exclusively be discussed between a patient and concerned doctor.