Get Rid Of Methadone Addiction & Its Abuse!

Methadone is a kind of drug used in the pharmaceutical treatment of opioid addiction. If you or any of your closed ones is suffering from the addiction or dependence of heroin or any other sort of opioids, taking methadone can be your best bet to manage the addiction. Even if Methadone is a proven medication the opiate addiction, here it is highly advised that you take it on the prescription of a trusted medical source only.

There are three main reasons why methadone is the first choice of medical professionals in opiate recovery.

  1. It has a long duration of action.
  2. It is effective when taken orally.
  3. It keeps on working even when taken over a long period of time.

Methadone is indicated for the medical management of opiate addiction but problems may arise when people take it without prescription or in combination with other drugs or opioids because methadone too holds its own potential for abuse.

Drug Addiction Treatment

Signs Of Methadone Addiction Include –

  1. Attempting to obtain multiple prescriptions.
  2. Using the drug in higher doses or more often than advised.
  3. Skipping scheduled doses to ‘stockpile’ them in order to take high-dose later.
  4. Obtaining the drug from alternative sources.
  5. Turning a blind eye to other aspects of life like relation, profession and so on in order to continue methadone use.
  6. Overdose of methadone is a major concern and continues to be problematic.

Effects of Methadone Abuse –

The effects of methadone abuse are wide and varied, which typically depends on one’s body. If the person doesn’t get down the drug for a longer period time, there may be higher risk of getting the following effects:

  1. Sexual dysfunction.
  2. Impaired judgment.
  3. Respiratory problems.
  4. Blood borne disease like HIV.

These symptoms are just to name a few and the main thing about these effects is that they tend to build and develop over time.  Mixing methadone with other substances like alcohol increases the high risk of breathing problems and can be sometimes lethal too.

If you don’t to experience these deadly side effects of methadone, stop misusing it. People who are on this medication are always advised to take it in the same way as prescribed and alert their physician to any symptoms experienced.

Methadone Abuse Treatment –

While taking methadone in the instructed way is the best way to stay safe from not getting trapped in its addiction but even so, if you get addicted to it, there are also Methadone addiction treatment options available in the health care industry. There are a number of rehab centers that specifically focus on managing the effects of opioid addiction including methadone. Rush to these rehab centers if methadone abuse has made you its victim!