How to React When Noticing Signs and Symptoms of Lortab Abuse

Today, a prescription pain medication called Lortab is one of the most abused classes of drugs in the United States. This prescription pain reliever contains hydrocodone, making it similar to widely known medication, Vicodin. Like other drugs in this class, Lortab is highly addictive.

Since all prescription drugs containing an opioid may be habit-forming, addicts may struggle to overcome the drug use on their own. However, there are several treatment options available to help in recovery from Lortab addiction.

Signs that an Individual is Abusing Lortab

It is usually the behavioral signs that are the most obvious to detect, such as:

  • Regular mood swings
  • Secrecy when taking medications
  • Visits to multiple doctors more frequently than usual in order to obtain additional prescriptions.
  • Not able to keep up with day-to-day tasks
  • Spending most of the money on drugs

In addition to the behavioral signs, you may also notice physical symptoms. These include symptoms like:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Shallow, slow breathing
  • Extreme confusion
  • Pinpoint pupils
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Interrupted sleeping patterns
  • Muscle tremors

Long-Term Opioid Abuse Side Effects

Using Lortab for an extended period can deteriorate the lungs and respiratory system. It can be damaging to the body’s hormonal systems. Opioids can decrease the hormones’ production, including testosterone and estrogen.

Chronic Lortab use can cause bowel and gastrointestinal symptoms and complications. It can also cause severe liver issues and damage, including acute liver failure.

How to React When Seeing the Signs and Symptoms of Lortab Addiction?

It is necessary to intervene to get the patient into treatment. The patient will not feel as judged if you stage an intervention with a professional.

During an intervention, you can share with the addict how their drug abuse affected your life and what length you will go to help them. You need to take a bold step and tell them that you will not support them if they continue to take drugs. It may seem harsh, but it is the only way to push them towards recovery.

Treatment of Lortab Addiction

There are various methods to help addicts get through detox with minimal withdrawal symptoms. It all depends on the type of rehab center you choose. Within the first 72 hours, the addicts may experience substantial withdrawal. Few symptoms are uncomfortable, but medical care is available in detox to protect every patient.

Don’t view drug the Lortab addiction treatment as an option. If a person is living with a Lortab addiction, he/she has too much to lose if they don’t enroll in the addiction treatment.

How to Select the Right Lortab Addiction Treatment Option

With so many options available today, it can be hard for you to know which is the right addiction treatment option for your loved one suffering from Lortab abuse. You can take the help of an addiction counselor who can evaluate some of the specific parts of each addict’s addiction. Remember, each individual is unique and will benefit differently when recovering from Lortab addiction.