Suffering from Lortab Addiction? Get Rid of this Addiction before it Gets too Late

Are you taking excessive Lortabs? Well, this is not normal and you might be getting addicted to this one form of drugs. Lortab, which is actually a narcotic pain reliever, basically composed of two different pain drugs known as hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Lortab comes in a tablet form and is one of those hydrocodone products that are easily available in the market to users. Lortab is originally intended to function as a pain reliever for patients to provide relief for moderate to severe pain but, some start using it for illicit purposes. Although, Lortab is said to be a reasonably addictive substance because of its hydrocodone component and is only available by prescriptions but, it can become a serious drug addiction if it is taken in excess or through illegal prescriptions.

Addicts typically crush, snort or inject Lortabs in a diluted form. The after effects of taking Lortabs can be very similar to taking Heroin. The addicts of this drug have experienced intense rushes and the sensation of being high. Lortab is not considered as dangerous illicit drug as heroin but it is often taken by addicts because of its similarities to Heroin. Lortabs reach the youngsters and adults through black markets, streets, or illegal prescriptions. There are several street names for Lortabs that are often used interchangeably with the street names of drugs that have similar characteristics.

Lortab Addiction Treatment

We all know how things go in a family, when we or our loved ones become addicted to drugs. The family does not remain a happy family anymore. If we have to summarize it in one sentence, we would say it ruins our families. Not only Lortab, but any addiction can have devastating consequences in one’s life. But addicts can get rid of this addiction with a proper Lortab Addiction treatment.

The most common symptoms of Lortab addiction are as follows:-

  • Physical Symptoms – The addicts become very weak. They suffer from jaundice, skin problems, dizziness, hearing loss, stomach pain, decreased urination etc.
  • Social Symptoms – Lortab addicts suffer in their professional and personal relationships because of heavy drug consumption. They start avoiding social gatherings which were once enjoyed. They do not remain with the family members too often.
  • Illegal prescriptions – You will find the addicts taking illegal prescriptions of medicines or pain killers.

This addiction is no joke. It is a very serious problem and can have severe impacts on you. If you or any other person close to you is suffering from this addiction then without wasting any further time, get the Lortab treatment Greenville done. The treatment would be performed by highly skilled professionals who are specialists in handling drug addiction cases and conducting these treatments for many years. So, take the treatment before it becomes too late.