Understand The Drug Addiction Treatment Programs When Seeking The Sobriety!


Drug abuse is a widespread problem in the USA. Drug addiction can cause serious distress in the addicts’ lives and their loved ones’ lives as well. While substance or drug abuse is a chronic and relapsing disorder, the good news is that it is a treatable one.

There are the Drug Abuse Rehab Facility Help Centers that play a crucial role in addiction recovery. The treatment programs provided at these help centers are the apt choice for those seeking sobriety after battles with drug addiction.

When seeking the right drug addiction treatment programs, there are typically two choices before an addict to get the help – first is inpatient addiction and the other is outpatient addiction.

The Differences between Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment Programs –

Addicts seeking sobriety may wonder what the key differences are between inpatient addiction and outpatient addiction treatment programs. While both kinds of treatment programs have the same end goal (sobriety), there are several differences between the two such as…..

Place where the patients live during treatment –

Patients who are advised to go for the inpatient treatment program need to live in the rehab facility 24/7. On the other hand, those who go for outpatient treatment programs need not live in the help centers round the clock. They can live at their homes and get the treatment on a part-time basis during the week.

Duration of the program –

The length of drug treatment varies depending on the inpatient and outpatient programs. Inpatient treatment may be as short as 3 to 6 weeks or as long as 60 to 90 days. In outpatient treatment programs, patients need to go for the treatment from 6 months to a year. Since outpatient treatment is part-time and scheduled only for a few hours each week, it may take longer to get the full recovery. The duration of treatment also varies depending on the severity of the drug abuse.

Intensity of the treatment program –

Inpatient treatment programs designed to treat severe addictions and tend to be more intensive whereas outpatient treatment programs work well to treat mild addiction. Outpatient treatment may be a step-down for the patients who have graduated from inpatient drug and wish to continue with treatment.

Cost of treatment –

One of the biggest differences between inpatient and outpatient treatment program is the cost. Inpatient programs may cost a fortune to the patients while outpatient programs are the most cost effective choice for the drug recovery. The total cost of the Inpatient treatment programs depends on the length of stay.

How To Choose The Right Treatment Program For The Help?

Once you have decided to seek help for addiction, the next step is to find the most appropriate treatment program for you. To finalize your decision, you can visit a reputed Drug Abuse Rehab Facility Help Center in the USA and ask the professionals to suggest you the right treatment choice for you.