Vicodin addiction: Treatment options

Vicodin, which contains a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen, is prescribed to patients suffering from severe or chronic pain. Many of the times, patients and up being addicted to this medicine because of the way it relaxes the mind and gives a euphoric high. When this medicine is consumed in high doses for prolonged durations, it can lead to severe addiction. If you or someone you know have been suffering from Vicodin addiction, then you must seek Vicodin rehab addiction treatment at the earliest.


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Signs of Vicodin addiction 


If you have been consuming Vicodin as per your doctor’s prescription, you may still grow a tolerance for it and then you may feel the need to consume it in higher doses to get the same effect. Once you get addicted to this drug, physical and behavioral changes will become noticeable to you and others around you.

Physical symptoms of Vicodin addiction include nausea, drowsiness, lack of energy, constricted pupils, and flushing of the face and neck. If you skip a dose, it may also cause withdrawal symptoms. People frequently resort to doctor shopping for fresh prescriptions to purchase this drug. They may also become indifferent towards their responsibilities at school, office, or home.


Vicodin addiction treatment options 


You will have to seek Vicodin rehab addiction treatment at the earliest to get rid of addiction. The treatment programs differ for each individual depending on the severity of the addiction, financial condition, and family situation. You must speak with a professional counselor to decide exactly which program will be the best for you.  


Inpatient rehab treatment


When you choose an inpatient treatment program, you will be under medical supervision in a rehab facility 24×7 for the entire period of your treatment program. You will be guided through the detox process via a medical team who would make it as painless for you as possible. The duration of this program depends on the severity of your addiction.


Outpatient rehab treatment


Not everyone can willingly go for outpatient Vicodin rehab addiction treatment. You will have to stay at the facility during the day and be allowed to return to your home at night. If you have good support of your family members or friends who can ensure that you do not end up consuming this drug, then you can surely go for this treatment program. Many people choose to go to stay at the treatment centre for their detoxification process but may choose the outpatient program for the rest of the treatment.


Beating Vicodin addiction is not a one-time thing and you will have to take special care to ensure there are no relapses. As part of your treatment, you will be provided counselling after the treatment ends which includes group therapy sessions and support programs. The main motive of these counselling sessions is to address your primary concerns stemming from an addiction such as financial, legal, and professional troubles.