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Recovery Concept

Recovery from Opiate Addiction

“Our safe, well-monitored, medication-assisted recovery for opiate addiction will help you safely transit through withdrawal symptoms. You will be getting professional grade recovery monitoring throughout the treatment period.”

Medical Assistance

“ We provide medications as a part of the therapeutic process to help with the withdrawal symptoms. We would like to reinstate that these medications are meant for maintenance treatment. ”

Social Intervention

“ We actively involve the patient in the recovery process by putting them through time-tested social interactions to achieve wholesome recovery and healing from the addiction process. ”

Customized Psychotherapy

“ We provide customized psychotherapy to help with the unique addiction patterns of individuals. This forms the foundational basis to help patients achieve sustained sobriety. ”

Addiction Counseling

“ We provide our patients with group education and addiction counseling. We mostly make use of buprenorphine and methadone to help with opiate dependence. Our counselors are available for help 24 x 7. ”

Great Direction and Guidance

“We help you with great direction and guidance from the expert panel of our skilled and experienced counselors, nurses, pharmacists and physicians.”

Group Process

Groups are encouraged as part of the treatment process to provide peer support and education in order to achieve long term wholesome recovery.